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The purpose of this web site is to furnish the gentle reader with texts in their original form, with appropriate references. The layout will be conform to the printed edition, up to the detail.

Here is an example :

Original page Page reproduced

admir1 @

D E L'A D M I R A B L E P V I S-

re, où est traicté de la pierre philosophale,
traduict de Latin en François
par Iacques Girard
de Tournus.

admir3 Vcvns y a, qui de-
mandent lequel des
deux est plus puissant,
ou nature, ou art. Ré-
pondant à laquelle
question, ou deman-
de, ie dy, combien que nature soit
puissante & admirable, que toutes-
fois l'art, vsant de nature pour instru-
ment, est de plus grand pouuoir que
g iij

As one can see with the previous example, works thoroughly conform to the original, that is :

Each page (and its numbering), each line and each word, have exactly the same place as in the original. Only the fonts are not the same as they have no modern equivalent. So are these font's body which are however the best way possible adapted.

Therefore, foreign quotes are not translated.

Italic and bold characters are reproduced, so that small characters as notes. Greek and Hebrew characters of the original work are also reproduced, so are Gothic characters, should the case arise.

In order to correctly reproduce these characters (Greek and Hebrew), specific fonts are necessary, which are supplied at the beginning of the list on the page : “Index of authors and titles” (See “How to use this web site” on the home page).
These fonts are only necessary for some works on-line consulting. All newly created works are actually made with “unicode” characters and therefore don't need particular fonts. Ancient works will be modified as soon as possible.
As far as Gothic characters are concerned, “Old English Text MT” font still is necessary and supplied on the above mentioned page. In order to install these fonts, please see “How to use this web site” on the home page.

All works' included engravings are reproduced at their same place. However, they are only available on the PDF downloadable file, which of you can get a copy.

As far as on-line consulting is concerned, only small sized engravings are available, so that not to penalize the download of the work during its consulting.

The purpose of this web site and its approach, behind its aesthetic side, is then to give the possibility to find parts of texts that are quoted by modern authors, referring to old or modern publishings.
Another reason is the fact that, with this type of text which is subject to various interpretations, we need to have precise informations on the origin of the document, as a publishing is not necessarily equivalent to another, as we can see when analysing different issues of a same text.

Aware of the flaw of this web site, we encourage the gentle reader to suggest any change of existing functionality that might be useful.
About the works also, we would be grateful if any noticed mistakes were pointed out, so that we could correct it as soon as possible.

We hope to contribute to the distribution of these sometimes rare texts, supplying art-loving readers, with the fruit of our work.

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